Packaging development support

We deliver creative, innovative and cost effective solutions for your individual needs. We help tayloring your idea. To see your idea in life, we make samples for you with our own digital equipment. We provide a continuous support for you, from the specification of your needs till the fine planning, from the production till the delivery of your packaging and POS materials.

Consultation about existing packaging systems

Our engineering team is offering you cost-effective solutions on your existing packaging systems. Besides board packaging, we have several references on cost saving projects with self adhesive labels. Also, we are able to develop and test new blistering recepies in our laboratory. Ask for our offer for alternative solutions and raw materials.

Logistic services

We deliver our products according to our partner’s demand: ex works, or delivered. We have a strong experience record on VMI/SMI services. These services are worth using in a large international company environment. We are ready to discuss about SMI/VMI services, if the value chain of the business is justifying such solutions.

Combination of the different printing methods

With our versatile machinery, we can creatively combine the offset, flexo and digital technologies. We offer a wide range of possibilities to our partners, so that they can well differentiate their products on the retail shelves.


We are offering our free capacities for hired jobs: offset printing in B1+ and B2 sizes, Flexo and digital printing in reels, Sheet lamination, Dyecutting, Folding&gluing of „regular” and „extra large” and „duo/twin” up to 6 points,Window patching, digital sample production, manua assembling.